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Let others stretch their menus in all sorts of gourmet directions, but this local entity sticks to the straight and narrow with a side order of cool.



This local chain puts together a mean 'za with a no-frills, order-at-the-counter approach. The slices are big and fresh, and locals love the garlicky-good white pizza and the ham-and-pineapple combo.



Seriously amazing New York–style pizza is what's on the bill at this locally based chain where cold beer and piping hot slices are served up counter-style; affordable tabs make it a mainstay for family dining in a no-frills-but-so-comfortable setting where sitting on the patio is a must.



"Anytime I visit, especially while shooting 'Atlanta', I bring everyone with me. I make sure they all understand how much comfort this place gives me, and I dare them to not like anything on the menu. Otherwise the friendship can just stop right there." - Brian Tyree Henry, Actor "Atlanta" ("Paper Boi") & "Hotel Artemis"

Buckhead, Ponce de Leon, Howell Mill and Roswell Rd 11:30am-12am
McLendon, La Vista and Decatur 11:30am-11pm